Thursday 21 May 2015

new pattern release soon

I've been working away on my 4th clothing design which should be ready to publish in about a week.
This garment I call "Willara" and it can be made as a top or long tunic.

This is a very easy pattern, suitable for beginners, and quick to make. If the inset side pockets are left out an experienced sewist would be able to cut and make the dress or top easily in less than an hour. Add another half hour with the pockets which are inset in the side seams.

Heres some samples, some made in my own textile designs.

Willara, long tunic, 3/4 length sleeve, the upper fabric is my "Sashi" design

Willara long tunic, with short sleeve and elastic at the hemline
to give a "bubble look", made in 2 of my textile designs -
"Red Gothic Tiles" and "Lime Spot"

Willara top with 3/4 length sleeve, made in my fabric design "Palimpsest in Grey"
I think the design works best in medium weight knit, but a version I made in light linen worked well too.

Willara has a high, wide boat neck and and falls in an A line with dipping side seams. The pattern gives options for 3/4 length or short sleeves and for inset pockets in the side seams...

...but perhaps the most exciting feature about this pattern is that it will be FREE!!! I'll be making it available as a free download in my Shopify shop and on my page at Kollabora. So if you'd like to get the pattern keep an eye out for my next blog.

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