Saturday 5 January 2013

New Year, New Work...

I worked on "Valda" for a few days and felt I cast her aside (temporarily) and started work on this new figure. It is slightly bigger than real life size, with the canvas measuring  50 x 120cm

Ava, after 3 day

This new picture to be called "Ava"

A lot of layered work on the gown is still in progress. It was a fragment of a cotton hand crotcheted tablecloth which I cut a section out of to fit the figure. Then various parts of the design were painted with different acrylic colours and over that I'm appliqueing, stitching and accenting with dimensional paint. I'm anticipating quite a lot more work to finish the picture, maybe another week....assuming don't get stuck or bored and perhaps she'll get chucked on top of Valda in the "too hard" heap!

Heres a close up picture of the mid section of the image to show the detail

Perhaps the very visually astute of you might notice that the stencil I used on either sides of the face is the same one I cut to stencil the floor a couple of weeks ago!

I am giving away a free calendar featuring some of the art Rodney and I have done in the last couple of years  to the two first people to comment on this blog! Will send free within Australia or anywhere else in the world....(except you Mum, you already have 2...!) Gmail me your address-



  1. Happy new year pearl. Ava looks amazing :)

  2. Your new work is stunning, Pearl. Love the vibrant colours - reminds me of South America. What a great start to a great year! Love, Wilma


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