Monday 16 April 2012

progress on Still Life

Sally Alden, my photographer friend, picked up Peacock Feather yesterday. The day before I couldn't resist putting a bit more paint on her face. I thought the whole composition was bit dark so painted some brighter  highlights into her hair and face. I found out the models name is Erica and I should meet her at the exhibition opening on Sunday. Sally showed us an absolutely awesome selection of photos of Rodney on a montage board.  They were taken during a session she did with him a month ago and one of them is on the left side of the leaflet I published in my previous blog. She really is a fabulous photographer!

In the afternoon I went back to work on Still Life. The figure was draped with cloth that will harden. Then a few layers of gesso over that and I'll paint the surface. The figure is almost life size, measuring 95cm in length. The picture shows just the figure on my easel at the moment. When the hardening medium has dried the figure will be adhered to a backing board.

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